Expanding your brand presence with Promotional Products


Printing, it is what has defined us for 75 years. But did you know that The Artcraft Company is also a premier source for promotional products?
We’ve all been there – date, time, venue, theme, printed marketing material, invitations… all accounted for. But wait, what about the branded give away? What are you going to give your attendees?
Why bother you might ask. Well for one, everyone loves the little give aways from a conference or event.  Event attendees are more likely to visit your booth at a trade event …Read More

Print Grows Trees

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Print. The renewable way a responsible world communicates™
We’re never going to have a paper-free office, yet we all see the requests at the bottom of our emails
“Please consider the environment before printing – Save trees, save paper” or “Be green, keep it on the screen” but is this really saving the trees? Not all is what it seems.
These types of messages give people the impression that going digital is better for the environment, but this can be quite misleading for consumers who aren’t presented with both sides …Read More

It’s not easy being Green


At the Artcraft Company we LOVE being GREEN. Printers all have the world have now begun paying attention how their operations impact the environment. Reducing carbon footprints is the responsibility of all of us, which is why Artcraft previously established our company wide ZERO CO2 initiative…
• We are solar powered. That’s right! We outfitted our entire Massachusetts facility rooftop with solar panels. The Artcraft Company hosts the only 100% totally solar powered engraving department in the industry. And our offset department is 50% solar powered; Clean, carbon and emission …Read More

Who Are You?

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Who are you?
What does your brand identity say about your firm? What is the reaction it creates? Does it resonate confidence in your services, your professionalism….?
Is it even noticed……do they see you, or are you invisible?
A financial services Account Rep for a client of ours once asked us what the ‘big deal’ was all about with his firm’s imminent identity re-brand. “All this money the firm is spending on our new business cards”, he stated, “my prospects and clients just throw the card away the second they …Read More

Calendars: Market your brand all year long.

2016 calendar

You had good intentions. Even picked out the design. The client list was ready. BUT, in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, your corporate holiday card somehow did not make it out of the office.
Now what?
You can redeem your holiday marketing with one simple, yet impactful, item.
A custom branded year-long calendar.
Creative calendars are cool way to extend your branded presence all year long, and a useful item that clients appreciate, retain, and truly utilize. Gone are the days of those drab ‘desktop’ calendars with the …Read More

Why a Corporate Holiday Card program is right for you.


Can you be assured that the holiday cards being sent out by your employees and sales-force reinforce your overall marketing message? Custom Holiday cards are a highly effective method to express your appreciation to clients, co-workers, and friends, while reinforcing both your brand and your image.
Personalized corporate Holiday cards send out a unified marketing statement, ensuring brand compliance across all departments, with a message that is pre-approved for compliance.
Corporate Holiday Cards are also not as expensive as you would think. Artcraft has hundreds of styles and types of …Read More

Remember Paper?


It was supposed to be long extinct in this present ‘paperless’ office environment, at least that’s what we were led to believe over the last two decades. But the $132 billion paper industry has a few issues with that myth, and is launching a new ad campaign touting the quintessential elements of the printed word.
As Michael Rosenwald of the Washington Post reports, despite e-mail, PDF’s, digital calendars, and paper-less billing, the paper and packaging industry is fighting back, with ads reminding us that paper is designed to connect and …Read More

Winner in New England Regional Printing Awards of Excellence Competition


PINE has announced that The Artcraft Company of North Attleboro, Massachusetts is an award winner in the Association’s New England regional Awards of Excellence Competition. The announcement was made April 16 during PINE’s 2015 Industry Awards Gala, held at the Newton Marriott in Newton, MA, with hundreds of industry professionals in attendance. PINE’s Awards of Excellence Competition, attracted over 300 entries from 40 printing and imaging companies across New England competing in a variety of printing and graphic communications categories such as best annual report, direct mail campaign, labels & …Read More


1000 MWh

The conversion of sunlight to electricity…..
a concept so fundamentally simple, and yet so vital to our planet’s environmental survival.
Today, The Artcraft Company proudly celebrates both the technology and the eco-sustainable practice of solar power, by achieving our first milestone of 1000 total MWh (Megawatts) captured  via our rooftop generated solar retrieval system. (A typical residential home would use about 3-4 MHw of electricity a year, by comparison)
Fully installed atop our North Attleboro, Massachusetts headquarters’ in 2011, we’ve successfully captured and converted, to date, enough renewable power …Read More



When IBM was handing out the above ‘THINK’ placards as a promotional ‘give-away’ item to their clients and prospects back in the 1960’s, could they possibly have foreseen, 40 years into the future, the inevitable need to reengineer and rebrand their firm to remain viable and competitive in the hardware and software marketplace?
Back in 1914, when Thomas Watson was hired to head up the sales force at Computer Tabulating Recording Company, which later became IBM, he brought with him a motto he favored to inspire his sales and advertising …Read More