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Print. The renewable way a responsible world communicates™

We’re never going to have a paper-free office, yet we all see the requests at the bottom of our emails

“Please consider the environment before printing – Save trees, save paper” or “Be green, keep it on the screen” but is this really saving the trees? Not all is what it seems.

These types of messages give people the impression that going digital is better for the environment, but this can be quite misleading for consumers who aren’t presented with both sides of the story.

‘Print Grows Trees’ is an educational campaign that uses facts to illustrate that print on paper actually helps to grow trees, keeping our forests from being sold for development. The campaign challenges the widely held belief that by using less paper, trees will be saved. Visit their website for more information about this organization.

The print industry actually helps to maintain and develop our forests and wildlife. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable and sustainable product made from, in most cases, trees. Planting, maintaining and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of people all around the world. Regenerating working forests are not only good for the environment but they also provide homes for wildlife, provide clean air, water and carbon storage. Due to improved forest management we now have a steady growth of tree numbers throughout the US.

Deforestation is a complex and critical problem, with no easy answers. Printed paper is taking a lot of the blame in the public’s mind for this act. By depressing the market for paper and wood products, we encourage private US land owners to ‘cut and run’- harvest their primary forestland for quick income and then sell the land instead of growing more trees, much of the forestland gets converted to other uses, such as real estate development.

The Forest Stewardship Council creates and chain –of-custody certification of paper products from responsibly managed forests. Today, over 40,000 US family forest owners are FSC certified.

The wood and paper products industry plants on average 1.7 million trees daily, over 600 million trees a year, excluding millions of additional seedlings regenerated naturally.

 “When people use more paper, suppliers plant more trees”, states Edward Glaesar, Professor of Economics at Harvard University,  “If we want bigger commercial forests, then we should use more paper not less. Our policies should directly protect important wildlife habitats, not try to reduce our demand for paper.”

Carlton Owen, CEO of U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities concurs, “We don’t advocate wanton waste of paper or any other material, but avoiding the print option does absolutely nothing to save the planet or forests. Honest, it’s okay to print. Trees are renewable, recyclable and sustainable.”

The Artcraft Company firmly believes in environmental sustainability and  responsibly managed forests. So much so we have taken part in the Iggesund Adopt A Tree Program. For every tree that is harvested they will plant 3 trees. As a member of this program we will have ten trees planted in our name .

To learn more about how to enhance your sustainable efforts….. Talk to us. We can Help.